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Time Travel - Jacob - MIB - Season 6 by Eric Scot

I have been thinking alot about LOST over the past couple of months after re-watching some of the episodes from all seasons. Last night, ABC re-aired Season 5's finale in preparation for the Season 6 premiere and I have a few theories to share.

I believe that the Cabin could be the source of time travel for Jacob and the MIB. I believe that Jacob was trapped in the cabin by the MIB for many years. All of the times that we saw Jacob visit the Oceanics in their past was the time that Jacob was trapped in the cabin. He must have discovered this somehow and used it to his advantage against the MIB setting up a final showdown. Once the MIB realized what Jacob was doing, he confronted him and Jacob tricked him into reversing roles and MIB got trapped. The MIB figured out how to use time travel as well and that's when we saw people like Dead Charlie, Dead Ana Lucia, etc. This was all done to manipulate those that the MIB thought could help get the "loophole" needed to kill Jacob. The ash around the cabin is what trapped them inside but once the ash was broken, the MIB could escape.

The Loophole
Once the MIB knew that Locke was dead, he could easily set things up to make it seem as though he was "resurrected" and could manipulate Ben into hating Jacob. All he had to do was find Ben's weakness, Alex, and it was very simple after that.

Season 6
This season of LOST will begin to focus on the upcoming war between good and evil. Everyone will choose a side. Who will choose Jacob's side? Who will choose MIB's side? Here's my thoughts.

Jacob's Team
Locke(He WILL be resurrected)
Frank Lapidus

MIB's Team

This will set off the final battle that Jacob referred to in the season 5 finale("It can only end once"). The last image of LOST will be WALT standing face to face with Jack and Jacob who has just defeated Sawyer thinking everything will be fine and WALT will kill Jack and Walt and Jacob smile at each other and "fade to black".

I just can't see how LOST could end with a happy ending. You could reverse it and think that Sawyer kills Jack and Walt appears and Sawyer looks confused and Walt kills him and Jacob shows up, smiles at him and "fade to black". I guess that might end it with a happier ending. But, for sure, a lot of people will be dead, they will choose their path, their side and fight to the death for what they believe.

Who kills who?
Hurley Kills Miles and says "Dude!"
Sayid Kills Lapidus and Hurley
Jin Kills Michael
Claire Kills Jin
Sun Kills Claire
Desmond Kills Sun
Locke Kills Sayid, Desmond and Ben
MIB Kills Richard and llana
Sawyer Kills Locke and Kate
Jack Kills Sawyer and MIB

The Final Two Left Standing - Jack and Jacob
Walt Shows Up - Kills Jack


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