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The role of MiB by Broda

(i) The Man in Black is the smokemonster.
Because he doesnt want people to come to the island (see The Incident).
Because the only one the smokemonster did encounter and didnt kill was Locke whom he later needed to kill Jacob.
And last a more trivial reason: MiB -> black smoke ...

(ii) Lockes father (on the island) is MiB.
Because killing his father was a necessary step Lock had to take in order to become the person convincing Ben to kill Jacob.
You could argue that Lockes father was brought to the island by Bens people because they had him and because he said that before he woke up on the island after his crash the paramedics who took him smiled at him. But if that were the case they would have to bring him before(!) the Swan Station imploaded because afterwards the sub wasnt able to return to the island.
(iii) MiB is Christian for two reasons.
First, by following his father Jack almost fell down a cliff.
Second, Christian told Locke he wasnt Jacob and that he had to move the island. MiB needed Locke to move the island, to come back and use his body for the loophole.

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