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When Jacob’s dying words are uttered---They’re coming!---many theorized who they were. I’m uncertain if this theory was presented but I'm guessing that the "They" isn't anyone we already know.

If we think to all of the seasons of LOST, we see that we get 2-3 new “groups” of people each season to interact with our original LOSTies. Of course, we get a bunch of characters through flashbacks, forwards, etc but usually 2-3 new groups move the story forward each season.

I’ve broken it down here:

Season 1: Introduced to LOSTies and Smoke Monster, then Others
Season 2: Tailies and Desmond, then Ben/Others
Season 3: Juliet/Ben/Richard/Others, then Naomi
Season 4: Freighters, then Charles Widmore/Matthew Abaddon/Penny (maybe a stretch but we get a glimpse into Widmore’s greater role in the LOST universe and his interest in the island)
Season 5: Jacob/MIB and DHARMA, then Ilana/Bram

Interestingly, the last group of each season seems to bring a real cliffhanger. In Season 1, we’re focused getting to know our LOSTies and smoke monster/island weirdness, then The Others show up at the last second to steal Walt off the raft. Season 2, we’re focused on the Tailies and the Hatch, then we get Ben and his creepiness (which ends up with the kidnapping of 3 LOSTies). Season 3, we’re focused on getting away from The Others and back to our island, and then Naomi drops out of the sky. Season 4, we’re focused on getting off the island with the Freighter People and then we learn that Widmore is involved in the freighter being there in the first place. Season 5 we’re focused on DHARMA (in the past) and MIB/Jacob (in the present)…then at the end Ilana and Bram introduce themselves to Richard and leave the big cliffhanger about who “Locke” is (or is not…as in, the Locke in the Statue is not the real Mr. John Locke).

So, what does that mean for Season 6 and Jacob’s eerie last words? Well, I venture to guess that we will learn more about MIB and his history with Jacob since they were only very briefly introduced in Season 5; MIB will likely be the main focus for those in the present. But who will the LOSTies in the past interact with? (I doubt it will be the same DHARMA characters.) Could there be another group who we haven’t seen on the island yet? Other Others? ;)

I do believe that the “They’re coming!” is not meant for any group that we have been introduced to already, including our LOSTies who are stuck in the past. The look of fear on Flocke’s face said to me that he knows who Jacob’s talking about…and it’s going to be a big deal when “they” finally arrive. And if history repeats itself (haha) then LOST will follow the same formula of introducing another new group to interact with the main cast.

But, then...who are THEY? Well, I personally think that the “They” are perhaps similar entities to MIB and Jacob, vying for control of the island. But I base that on nothing more than a guess.

Perhaps you have better ideas of that. ;)

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