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"Oh, so now after all this time, you have decided to stop ignoring me. 35 years I have lived on this island, and all I ever heard was your name over and over, Richard would bring me your instructions, all those slips of paper all those lists, and I never questioned anything, I did as I was told, but when I dared to ask to see you myself, I was told 'you have to wait, you have to be patient.' But when he asked to see you, he gets marched straight up here as if he was Moses. So why him? Huh? What was it that was so wrong with me? What about me?"

Those were Ben's words before stabbing Jacob. Sounds an awful lot like religion in general doesn't it? Anyone who believes in a religion does so blindly. They have to do what they have been told their God desires. They are told that they don't get to see their God until death. They are told to be patient whenever their God does not give them what they want. Also, they are told that they cannot be upset if someone else seems to get more attention/luck from their God, because God has a plan for everyone. Faith and blind faith go hand in hand. And there is no doubt that Jacob was Ben's God.

Locke was told he was special. He had to believe in the island. He could not question the island. He had to do what the island told him to do. He even died when the island told him . . . to save everyone. Locke's body came on flight 316. He seemingly rose 3 days later. And immediately everyone began worshipping him. Sound familiar?

Jacob is the "God" that is trying to fight that people have freewill. MIB is the "God" that is trying to show that people are inherently corrupt, and it doesn't matter what happens, things will "course correct" and will end the same. They have been playing the same game over and over, and I the MIB has manipulated people to be a "Jesus" figure to gain the faith of people into becoming corrupt over and over.

When all is said and done, this show will be intended to be symbolic of a game of Backgammon between God and Satan, their parts are played by Jacob and MIB. Who wins? Who knows. I got my money on MIB.

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