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815 winds up in the drink by groundhog

Apologies if this has already been theorized by someone else. I'm relatively new to these boards, and have only been reading theories for about three weeks.

The bomb detonates and destroys everything in the vicinity of the swan, which is never built, thus resetting the timeline. The rest of the island inhabitants live on more or less as if 815 never crashed there. Flight 815 continues on as if Desmond never caused it to crash on the island. However, it doesn't land in LAX - it winds up in the Sunda trench. According to Cindy (The other 48 days, I think), the plane was in trouble as much as two hours before the crash. It lost contact and was 1000 miles off course. It could well have been on its way to crashing in the ocean and then, at the crucial moment, Desmond failed to push the button, and some release of magnetic energy opened a portal resulting in the crash on the island instead of the trench. But if the swan doesn’t exist, then there’s no button to fail to push, no portal opens and the crash takes place as it was going to before the island intervened. This leaves all 815 passengers dead and we're all left wonde! ring what the rest of season 6 is going to be about, because this should pretty much be the end of the line. Except for one detail: Desmond was not on flight 815.

At the end of the last episode, MIB was initially pleased with himself I suggest it was because he thought he not only managed to stop the latest batch of people brought to the island by Jacob but also managed to kill Jacob. But Jacob says, “They’re coming,” meaning that MIB’s attempt to reset the timeline failed. Desmond is Jacob’s loophole to the loophole, and the rest of the season consists of his mission to restore the timeline and undo the reset, perhaps because it is the only way to ensure his eventual reunion with Penny. We’ll no doubt need several episodes to flesh out his storyline from the time he crashes his boat on the island until the present, particularly since there would be no swan and he would have been doing something other than pushing buttons. I’ll even throw in that he spends a fair portion of the season trying to ensure that each of the losties gets on the plane, e.g., giving Malkin the tickets for Claire to get on the plane, making s! ure that Sawyer gets deported, etc.

Now the more alert among you will note that Widmore planted a fake 815 in the Sunda trench complete with exhumed bodies from a Thai cemetery, as we learn from (a) Tom (presumably at Ben’s behest) telling Michael while trying to convince Michael to return to the island; and (b) Widmore telling Daniel while trying to convince Daniel to go to the island. On one hand, since both Michael and Daniel were being sent on suicide missions, one possibility is that telling them it was a “plant” was convenient and persuasive misinformation. The bigger problem however, would be the paradox of living 815 passengers both on island and off, existing at the same time that the “same” passengers were decomposing in the deep. This leads me to conclude that the plant really was a plant for temporary deceptive purposes, and that Widmore may even know that once the timeline is reset, 815 will wind up at the exact same site (which will be sans-plant in the reset world/timeline).

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