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An idea came to me today that I don’t believe has been explored. It is a theory about how Jacob, who knew MIB wanted to kill him, guaranteed his survival should MIB find the necessary loop hole.

Do any of you remember the Star Trek movie in which Spock placed his soul in safekeeping with Dr. McCoy? In so doing, Spock set up the possibility for his soul/his being to be regenerated.

When Jacob touched Kate, Jake, Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid, Locke, and Sun & Jin, he placed a piece of his soul in each of them. I know this idea is a bit bizarre, but, if Star Trek writers can do it and get away with it, why not LindeCuse?

Jacob knew that those he touched would come to the island, either on Flight 815 or Ajira 316. He may have drawn them to the island, as he drew The Black Rock. Or maybe he has precognition. Or he’s lived through a mobius strip kind of time loop. I don’t know. But somehow he knew that they would come to the island and he knew they would be on location when he was killed and his body destroyed (by the fire after Flocke kicked him into the fire pit).

Even Locke’s corpse is on site when Jacob is killed, the corpse conveniently carted there by the Illana/Bram gang. Maybe Jacob’s soul in Season 6 will inhabit Locke’s corpse and we will have two John Locke bodies, one with the MIB’s soul, one with Jacob’s. Or we could have the Losties he touched, all with a piece of his soul, united as one, fighting a war against MIB and those allied with him.

This is a possibility that I find intriguing. I keep remembering how Jacob seemingly resurrected Locke after he fell out of that building, having been pushed by his father. It was as if Jacob gave Locke a jolt of life force, which may have jump started Locke’s heart or, even better, gave him a piece of Jacob’s life force, Jacob’s soul.

What do all of you think of this?

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