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So I’m sitting here thinking about locations on Lost. By this I mean where very pivotal scenes happened and have happened on multiple occasions, A few examples off the top of my head are the hatch, swan site, beach craft wreckage, pearl, etc………………………

I always found it odd that John Locke’s leg was always hurt in some manner near the beach craft. When Locke and Boone find the Beech craft Johns legs were not working like his paralysis was coming back and this is why Boone had to make the climb to his death. I believe the reason John’s legs were messed up is because Ethan shot him in that location in the Islands past but John’s future and this somehow affected him physically. Now I don’t think this is a big revelation. I’ve seen and made comments about it but it really got me thinking about how someone’s actions in the Islands past could hinder or help someone in the islands future. So of course my mind starts racing then the Orchid pops in my mind.

I hope the timeline in my head is correct but events listed below are what happens in the Islands timeline not our losties timeline at the orchid station.

1.One random day when statue is intact (18??) Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Jin flash from future with rope sticking out of the ground right above where FDW ends up.

2. Sometime before Dharma shows up there is a well there that has a rope to lower Locke down into it to fix bens time mistake. Daniel and Charlotte are having their last moments. Side note: Charlotte told them to look for the well and my brain hurts when I try to figure out how she knew about it.

3.Dharma shows up, digs, finds FDW, and covers it with orchid station

4.Ben blows hole in station accesses FDW to move island. (a.k.a. mess up time)

So what is missing?

Who Built the FDW?

Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Miles, Jin, maybe with the help of Richard Alpert.


Here’s how I think this will go down.

When this bomb goes off time skips way back to the 1800’s and our losties go to. This may have something to do with the Blackrock landing in the middle of the Island and the only reason I say that is because everyone including myself seems to think that wheel came from the ship. I think it looks like something off of an old ass ship so I believe it safe to assume for the sake of my theory. When this happens of course Jack is going to have to fix time now because he will have nothing better to do. Sawyer remembers that the rope is stuck in the ground so they tromp off to find it. Once they do they build the well down to the FDW. They do this because this is what fixed time last time time got messed up. Sawyer and co. that flashed with that rope know that whatever is down there is what John used to fix time.

Now the only reason I like this is because of the irony in it. Jack thought John was crazy for thinking he could move the Island when Jack could possibly be involved in installing the device Ben and John used to move the Island.

There are many things that need to be filled in here but this is the only way I think we can see the Blackrocks history and progress all of the characters storylines in a timely fashion. Plus they can introduce Alpert at the same time if he is from the Blackrock which seems to be in many peoples theories. It also ties some of the original losties to being responsible for a pretty big mystery on the show.

There it is. Short and sweet. I hope you enjoyed it.

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