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old point of view by engneo

What if old civilization near Egypt, and near Tunisia, and that civilization is stronger than now.
that civilsation plan to build time machine , and there was 2 point of view one science (may me jackop) , and the other is realign (mib) ,first one believe in change the time line because we have free will and the second one believe in fate in one end only and there is no way to change.

maybe these civilization it about to be destroyed or they know the time of the end of the world, and may be they launch the time machine (the island) or during the war someone launch it but they discovered that it will be go through random time so they failed but the war between the two men is same, because they do not have anything to do.

so they start to make groups like god and devils because every one of them want to kill each other, but he cannot because each one is constant to the other, constant is something or someone you can remember or still alive or you can touch so can provide you with flash back so you can remember and you can be in one timeline.

They start to make time loop may trying to save the world , but the main idea that there is roles from the leader or king of that civilization may be about the abilities of the island or time travel (mob change the roles when he find the loophole).
Mib start to make army outside the island by his followers to start the war by money and economic because he know what will happen , and Jacob also start to make his followers but when 815 come it change the formulae as mib want to use them also to kill Jacob and take another constant .

They are humans, and the one who called flock is the smoke monster which mib can control and it is only some technology (big data base).

They are not immortal but the time is not fixed in island so no one can normal die or born I think the soul is stuck in no time after death (whispers'), that’s why no one can be born , and the people born on the island always special abilities.
They prepare everything and I think our heroes will be dying in the end to stop the ending of the world.
To be cont….

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