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Forgive me if this logic has been worked out somewhere before, but I was trying to figure what exactly pulled Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Hurley off flight 316. This is probably as best an accurate placement of when we can assume at this time, but still leaves the questions why those four and why the rest of the flight went somewhere else.

I remember hearing the stretching rubber band sound right before the white light and the jump to Jack again waking up in the jungle with Locke's suicide note. Noting that they had been flying at night and awoke in the daytime, logic would suggest that at some point the Island flashed to 2007 and then the flash from that time took those people off the Flight as they flew by (thanks to Eloise's concept of a window to an always moving Island) as it then delivered them to 1977.

Now look through Lostpedia's chronicals of the first 5 episodes of season 5,


and all but 6 jumps (there are 6 numbers oh no, that CANT be a coincident!) in 'This Place Is Death' have been roughly placed, and none in any of the episodes were during 1977. Thus it would need to be a jump from night at an unknown time to daytime at an unknown time, with the jumpers that we were following not being in any explicitly active area. While they may have been near the Orchid during its construction, I believe the 2nd Unknown Jump takes the onIslanders to 2007 very briefly and at Night and then the 3rd Unknown takes them to 1977 on the day Jin finds Jack, Kate, and Hurley, and meanwhile near the Orchid where Charlotte happens to start having real time slippage and explains "This Place Is Death!"

So use that little possibility for any advanced theorymaking, supposing of course this wasn't some obvious connection people had already made and disproved or I simply missed it.

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