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Hello everyone. My theory is easily stated. Nothing we have seen on LOST so far has been "impossible." For example- MIB is NOT the Smoke Monster, because people can not transform themselves into smoke. Seriously.

Now, of course many will respond with such comments as, "The show is science fiction. The show is not real life. Other inexplicable and seemingly unrealistic things happen in LOST every week." I'm not so sure. Nothing in the previous 5 seasons of LOST has ever been chalked up to... "it's magic." Every time we have seen something we might consider unrealistic, there has been, at the very least- an attempt at a scientific answer... even if it is an unproven scientific theory explanation OR it has been left up in the air with no absolute answer provided.

The point is, NOTHING that has happened in LOST couldn't actually happen in real life under the assumption that time travel, wormholes and alternate universes/realities/time-lines are possible. Go ahead, find an example where the ONLY possible answer to a mystery is magic...

We don't know for a fact that-
-anyone shapeshifts or inhabits anyone elses body
-the dead come back to life
-people dont age
-anyone (Jacob and MIB) are Gods
-Jacob brought John Locke back to life

Yes it certainly appears that these things happen magically or abnormally, but there could be at least an attempt at a scientific explanation. For example-

-anyone shapeshifts or inhabits anyone elses body- We have never seen anyone do this! The only "evidence" we have that MIB took over Locke's body is Jacob's comment to Locke in 2007 about finding his loophole. There could be any number of other possible explanations including- (F)Locke is actually just another time-line's version of John Locke; the way he was supposed to be.

-the dead come back to life- Any number of multiple time-line scenarios could explain what we perceive as dead people coming back to life. Since we have NEVER SEEN anyone dead one minute and wake up alive the next minute, we can't 100% assume this happens on LOST.

-people don't age- If Richard was from the distant future and traveled back in time hundreds of years, theoretically, he won't appear to age until he catches up to his actual time of existence.

-anyone (Jacob and MIB) are Gods- This is the one that really bugs me. We have no evidence of this. This is just our primitive way of describing things we have yet to learn about.

-Jacob brought John Locke back to life- This has been debated here endlessly. All I am saying is, people can not "bring people back to life" by touching them. People CAN, however wake people up from being unconscious by touching them.

Seriously- If any mystery could ONLY be answered by, "uh... cause its magic." then this show wouldn't be half as cool as it is. I believe the reality is, we will find out that all of the seemingly inexplicable occurrences on LOST are due to time travel, wormholes and alternate time-lines... all of which are at least hypothetically plausible.

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