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I am going to offer you all a theory here that attempts to answer some of the bigger questions here. Like a painter, I am going to start with some broad strokes to begin with and fill in more details in later posts.

After months of reading lots of theories on here, excuse me in advance if some of the themes here resonate with something you posted... We are all watching the same show and debating the same concepts and we all influence each other, so here goes.

Two Worlds, Two sides

I believe that the island itself is moving thru time and space AND DIMENSIONS. When it disappears from our world, it is accessible in other parallel dimensions. Ultimately, I believe the island is a convergence point between these dimensions. A portal to a different world whose fate is tied lock and step with ours. A parallel dimension where Oceanic 815 landed safely in Los Angeles.

In the beginning of LOST, Locke finds Walt on the beach with the backgammon set. In this scene, Locke explain the basics of the game… "Two sides, One light… One Dark". It is my theory (as many other theories have suggested) that this scene is a key indicator of what exactly is going on in LOST. I believe that there are two worlds, one ruled by MIB and this world which has been ruled by Jacob.

I believe the other world is virtually the same as ours. There will be subtle differences though. One of those differences is that flight 815 landed safely. Another difference is that certain people who have died in our world are still alive in the other world.

This could explain why the dead, Christian, Locke, Charlie, etc. seem to be alive and well in our world. Why Charlie tells Hurley, "I am dead. But I am also here."

The ALT that we will see in season 6 will not be a result of the incident or anything else the losties did. This world has always existed and I believe we have seen flashes from it already. What I am proposing here is that when Desmond flashed and 'time traveled consciously" he was actually flashing from one dimension to the other. Think about it, in what scenario would you more likely need a constant? When you travel back in time to your own past or if you were traveling in consciousness to the you in another dimension?

This would explain why in 1999-2000, Penny don't discuss Desmond showing up on Christmas eve in 1996 and begging her for her number. Why she says, at the end of 'The Constant' that it has been eight years since they talked and saw each other. This is no mistake or error on production's part. All the flashes that Desmond saw… Maybe they were from the other world as well. Tragically maybe our Charlie didn't have to die at all. Maybe that's why he gets to come back.

While scientifically, there are infinite dimensions, I believe the writers will simply explain that these two worlds are connected by the island and the bridge between the two worlds is IN THE TEMPLE. I believe the group of others at the temple are able to access the other world at will. Or there is a third party who may acts simply as guardians of this most important gateway.

How these two worlds came to be will probably remain shrouded in mystery. It could be a result of the incident or the Army bomb testing… Or they could take a spiritual approach and call this other world the non-physical, spirit world or underworld that has always existed. Whichever road they take, the end result will be that there are two worlds (at least) that are joined/can be accessed through the temple.


The two sides are lead by Jacob and MIB. They both have a presence in each other's world. I believe they are inverted and that was the reason for the white title card with the black lost logo at the end of season five. In the Dark World, MIB rules with an iron fist. Course correction could causing chaos with its constant recofiguration of the world down to it's smallest and must subtle details. I believe this is the parting give the producers will give us to go back and watch the series with fresh eyes hip to the other world.

To give an example of this, go back and look at the scene with Miles doing the exorcism in "Confirmed Dead". He goes to the house of an older African-American woman named Mrs. Gardner. Her grandson was murdered and we see him in a close-up shot of a dark wooden frame with what appears to be leather wrapped around it. The picture in the frame is of the actor who played teenage Mr. Eko.

Miles goes upstairs to the boy's bedroom and begins talking to the boy's spirit. We learn the boy was a drug dealer and Miles is aware of this and demands for the spirit to reveal his stash to him. We hear a thud in the wall and miles finds a bag of money and drugs.

When Miles walks out of the room, he passes the wall of pictures. The camera zooms into the frame again and this time it is completely different. The frame is now gold. For those of you who want to think this was a simple continuity error, think again. I have worked in television production. There are dozens of editors, assistant editors, producers, directors, executives watching every frame of this show. If they needed to show the frame again, they could have just used the same footage as the first shot! This was not a production error. I believe it was actually a scene taking place in the other world.

What we see in that scene is that in the other world, young Eko was a drug dealer as well. Despite his change in location, and a seemingly loving family he still chose to deal drugs and that is why the smoke monster looked into his soul and killed him when he refused to ask for forgiveness.

There are other examples of this, as some of you have astutely pointed out. Go back and watch the scene when the Losties arrive at the church in '316'. Pay close attention to the broach Mrs. Hawkings is wearing. Below the broach, you can see little star like pendants. Watch the scene closely and you will see that the number of stars she is wearing changes from line to line. I am not sure what it means, but in the context of the same scene, she is shown wearing no stars, one star, two stars, and three stars.

Are we to assume this is also a continuity error. What, they couldn't decide the number of star pendants she should wear so they shot it multiple times and they cut the footage all together?

I believe when all is said and done, the producers will be proven that they have had the entire series mapped out since the end of season one. Some aspects of it since the beginning. Remember Claire's bad dream she wrote about in her journal… 'The one about the black rock' way back in season one. My money is that Claire will somehow board that vessel along with other Losties. I believe what we will see is that this group of people have been involved with this island throughout times, spanning multiple lifetimes and multiple timelines.

'Only those who have died have seen the end of war"

This was the written or woven I should say on Jacob's tapestry that we see in his statue lair. It's written in greek but this is the English translation and a major indication of where lost is going. I believe we will see the end of this coming war through our losties eyes and finally realize that it has always been them, those brave, tragic and heroic souls who finally complete their destiny.

The war that is coming is between MIB and Jacob and their minions who do their bidding. I believe Claire has been hanging with Christian in the other world and that is where I believe the 1977 Losties are headed. That is why it will feel like season one. They will be on the same island, but in the other world that is ruled by MIB. What was LIGHT in our world must be DARK in the other. Both sides are inverted and that is what will make it confusing as to what side everybody is on. Utimately, the war is for control of the island and thru it control or salvation of mankind in both worlds.

I think the cabin could also be traveling between worlds and that could be why we have seen different people use it. Probably the biggest indication of another world is the emergence of Ilana and Bram. This about it, if they were others, wouldn't they know Richard, or at least his current name? Richard has been on the island for nearly 200 years, how did someone so close to Jacob escape his knowledge? I believe they are on team Jacob from the other world and Jacob needed their help and brought them over.


Back in season one, Claire had a dream in which John Locke has one black eye and one white eye. I think that was telling us that John Locke can be used by both sides. He is truly a 'Tabula Rasa' and I absolutely loved 'Locke Theory' by Joe. If you haven't checked it out, definitely do because I think it was a paradigm shifting theory on who Locke really is. He surmises that Locke is really MIB reincarnated and that would really be awesome because it would allow Locke to still be Locke. If you think back, Locke has always been skeptical of Jacob and doubted his existence or relevance. Killing Jacob could've very well been Locke's intention all along.

However it plays out, it was Jacob who seemingly brought him back to life after Anthony Cooper pushed him out an eight story window. Look back at the scene again in 'The Man from Tallahassee'. Right before he pushes him, check out the art behind Cooper… Looks exactly like the smoke monster. I think it is subtle clues that have pointed the way all along. In that episode there is another thing that always fried my brain… How did they get Cooper from Tallahassee to the island in less than an hour?

You could argue they had him there bound and gagged already but I don't think so. I think Richard went through the portal in the temple and either produced Anthony Cooper or went and got him.

Let me know what you think. More to follow...

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