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We are anticipating the possibility of a terrible or outrageous ending. You know, like Dallas. So, whatever the ending is, this is my theory on how the ending will be if the writers truly do want to screw us over. This was created by me and my friend B-Will.

I think Jack & Claire will discover they are half-siblings then Claire will die at the proverbial hands of Smokey. Jack will stand up to Smokey as Mr. Echo did and then Frank Lapidus will figure out how to control Smokey to take down Esau/Locke.

But it won't matter. Esau will be able to replicate himself ala Agent Smith from the Matrix. Esau will have access to anyone's body that has already died. Therefore an army of Claire, Boone, Mr. Echo, Jacob, Shannon, Charlie, Ana Lucia, Libby, Juliet, Charlotte, Daniel, Reusseu, Ben's Daughter, and Locke will attack our friends in the mysterious "center" of the Island that we have not seen yet. Sayid and Frank will die.

Jack will be close to death at the hands of Locke when Vincent the dog will appear to save him. Bernard and Rose will appear riding polar bears. Hurley(who will have finally lost weight) & Sawyer will finally kill Esau.

Hurley, now having lost weight, flies away on the Hurley bird and sprinkles his fortune over another island discovered by the earthquake--Haiti.

Sun and Jin find a hatch under the black rock that moves it so they can sail away on it.

Hanso will appear from the "magic" door that Locke's dad came from and whisper something to Desmond...... an earthquake will sink the Island. Desmond will save everyone but himself and go down with the Island.

Richard will finally die and everyone will attend his funeral. In the final scene, we see Penny & Charlie Hume in a boat floating above where the Island sunk. The Statue's hand will reach up and pull them down.....Desmond, Penny, and their son will live together in the proverbial Atlantis....the last scene will show Desmond reading Charles Dickens to his son.

After we see Des reading to his son, everything cuts to black and we see Walt roll a dice and make the final move on the board game he found buried under his house. He and his friends at school-Yi Jeon, Charlie, Clem, and Aaron decide that it's too dangerous and throw it over the ocean. It washes up on a beach somewhere and two guys in bible clothes stumble upon it.
One says to the other, "you wanna play?"
The other says "It always ends the same way"
The one says "We've only played it once."
The other says "You have any idea how badly I wanna beat you?"
Then we see John Lock's eye as he wakes up in bed. He turns to Helen and says, "you know, I got a great idea for a board game."

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