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Damon and Carlton have said repeatedly that they are using a new storytelling device for Season 6. I think a great device would be telling the entire Season 1-5 story through the eyes of Jacob and MIB. And maybe this is the device they've chosen?

We would really get a new perspective on our Losties, on the crash, The Others, on Richard, The Black Rock, Jacob's murder, Dharmaville, and, really, everything big that's happened.

By using this device--looking through the eyes of the godlike protagonists/enemies--we would get an entirely different spin on what's gone down for the past five years on LOST. And the writers could introduce new material. They could give us more background on Jacob and MIB, on Richard, and what's really at stake here. What the war is about would become clear.

There's only so many ways to tell a story. Either linearly--a straight-line plot--through flash backs and flash forwards, or through the eyes of another.

I think this device would prove very interesting to the story of our characters, the story of the island, and resolve many of the issues and mysteries of the show.

What do you think?

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