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I’ve heard many Locke was always Flocke theories before, but none like this. Forgive me if you have heard it in this manner before, but I believe that Smokey has an ability to partially control alive characters throughout the show and also the full ability to control them once he has their bodies. I believe that Smokey is able to influence certain living people, but they have no notion that he is controlling them or any idea that their actions are not their own.

This starts with Locke presumably seeing “the monster” on episode 4. Locke was boar hunting and you can hear a boar killed by the monster before it comes out to see John. Locke then brings that boar back to the camp, but Smokey leaves John before his return to the camp, explaining why Jack sees Christian in almost the exact spot which Locke emerges.

In episode 5, Jack is again chasing Christian when he disappears leading Jack to nearly fall off a cliff. Locke emerges from nowhere to save him. Locke says he has to leave Jack, then his dad is back again but his body is missing from the coffin.

In episode 6-7, Locke is testing Charlie with his drugs, an action that the Island’s “Judge” Smokey would undertake. He also tells him about the moth which happens to be the exact thing that gets them out of the cave.

In episode 11, Ethan takes both Claire and Charlie into the jungle. How??? This is the most telling scene to me. How could one man take two people, especially one pregnant, and leave NO tracks unless there was something crazy going on with him. They make a point to say how impossible this feat would be. Also, Jack follows and fights Ethan, but just before that you hear Claire scream in the distance. Jack asks Kate if she heard the scream, and she says, “Did I Hear What?” How could she not hear that scream? And where was she during the entire fight with Ethan? This just screams that something else was going on out of the ordinary. In Episode 9 Locke makes a point to say he and Ethan were setting traps, Smokey could have passed on at that time to Ethan. The show made a point to say Charlie and Claire each remembered nothing from their capture, which also points to something odd occurring on the capture.

In episode 13, Locke begins testing people again, this time Boone. If Smokey went back to Locke, it would certainly explain Boone’s “dream.”

Locke also says to Jack that humans “are the most dangerous predators of all,” which seems extremely consistent with MIB’s analysis of humans to Jacob.

When Ethan nears the beach he again near Locke he kills a man by breaking his neck, arms, and all his fingers. Smokey passed back.

Immediately after Ethan is shot (releasing Smokey as the body is known to be dead) a boar begins terrorizing (Smokey Testing) Sawyer in episode 16. Also after attacks by the boar Locke appears out of the jungle to tell Sawyer the “Dog is his sister” story (Another Smokey Test).

Smokey is then last seen as the boar, suggesting he is out in the open. His next appearance occurs in episode 23 chasing Arzt and attempting to pull John into the hole. This was originally tabbed as a murder attempt, but after we saw all the French people survive it cannot be assumed as such.

Smokey still being out in the jungle appears as Walt in episode 5 where he leads Shannon to get shot by Ana Lucia. It’s unexplained how he could become Walt, but we have no idea what the Others did with Walt so it’s possible.

After appearing as Walt in episode 5, he would have been right next to the unconscious body of Sawyer, who talks to Kate in episode 9 as Wayne (another test). This would also give Smokey very close proximity to the outside of the hatch, where the black horse was.

With Smokey out in the open as the horse, it appears in front of Eko and judges him.

Hurley then begins to see Dave, an “imaginary friend” who wants him to stay unhealthy to keep him in the hospital (away from Lottery & Island) and even wants him to jump off a cliff and kill himself.

Smokey returns in season 3 episode 5 in Yemi’s dead body after it disappears from the plane. It stalks Eko and after he refuses to ask for forgiveness following being judged Smokey kills him. As the episode says repeatedly you must have a penitent heart to earn forgiveness.

I’ll skip a few and go to Locke lying in the pit dying. Before he attempts to kill himself, Walt appears and heals his legs so that he can move.

With Smokey now with Locke in the following episode, Locke not only attempts to kill Naomi, but afterward vanishes as Kate says that there’s “No sign of him. It’s just like he disappeared.” The quote seemed purposely placed in the conversation, as if it had meaning.

Later in the same episode, Hurley sees the cabin for the first time and then it immediately disappears and is replaced by Locke standing over him.

This goes on and on but you get the point. There is never a sign of Smokey in any episode that he is noticeably “inside” someone, and vice-versa.

The closest I found to prove that wrong was when Lapidus and Sun first get to the docks in Season 5 and hear the monster, followed by talking to Christian, while Locke was on the beach. However, on second viewing it clearly states that Locke just came from nowhere and in that same episode that “the pilot and some woman took a boat” which implied that those events happened before Locke appeared.

Let me know if anyone else noticed anything like this.

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