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My humble theory, collectivelly constructed for sure, is about the two major Station: Swan and Orchid.

Well, I believe that the DonkeyWheel is a device that exists to move the ISLAND in time in order to protect it from destruction. When Ben turns it, the ISLAND skips in time, not the Losties. When the island moves from one specific time to another, it creates an alternate version of the Losties (remember Sawyer watching Aaron`s birth) in a different time. Locke turns it, and the island stops at 1974. I couldn`t figure out why these especific characters moves with the island, and other inhabitants don`t, but my guess is that is linked to the fact that they are from the future (2007).

The Swan is a station designed to predict the end of the island, and it`s an experience of mind-travelling in order to prevent the doomsday of the island.the "fail safe key"/detonating H-bomb in the Swan Station, causes mind-travelling. It gives the chance for whom (or those) that turns/detonates it to alter the past through mund-travelling. So, if the person/people choose to remain with the same choices (as Desmond have done), the equation variables does not change, therefore, the island continues to march to its destruction. If a variable is changed (the numbers doesnt mean person but the choices they make), the island will go on.

So, if the Swan experience is not sucessful (in other words, the variables of Valenzetti equation doesn`t change - these people does not change heir past lives), the Orchid, constructed by DI in the same place of the DonkeyWheel, is the device to prevent the destruction of the island trough moving it into time. Remember tht the DW turn is the single fact that really changed the past (skipping in time and H bomb detonation in 1977).

That`s it. Sorry about the bad english, but I´m from Brasil. What dou you all think? Feel free to shoot it down without mercy.

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