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We’ve seen these reoccurring numbers throughout the LOST universe. Hugo hears them in the psych ward and proceeds to play them in the lotto in 2004. They are infamously hammered into the door of the Swan hatch in 1977. Actions being set into motion subconsciously by the stroke of the clock from 8:14 to 8:15 (etc.) are routine and casual sightings for LOST fans. Still, there is no explanation as to why these numbers are so important and constantly used (in variation) throughout the show.

I’ve come to the belief that these six digits are merely a representation of the total amount of information displayed per Chapter (season) of this unfolding story.
A.K.A. 6 numbers = 6 seasons

LOST has always been a "Do It Yourself" (but enjoy the ride) kind of show. When we first found out that the intricacies of LOST really do add toward the bigger picture, it became the end of “blasé viewing” as we know it. Facial expressions and voice tones had become unbelievably important factors. Yet still we wait in awe for the larger meaning to come forth.

With the end of each new season, we come to realize how small a slice of pie we were previously holding, compared with what the newest season just plopped onto our plate. Which brings me to the potential for 6 ceaseless numbers to be a reference to how much info we're getting, in relativity to the whole.

Each number stands for each individual season after their respective finales. With 108 (sum of numbers) being the culmination of the entire series. All in all, it's just a technique to keep the show interesting by creating a vastly interesting concept, and teasing you with clues of what's happening, while holding back larger doses. Making for high concept ideas to be savored, rather than indulged in one sitting.

Here's what I mean...

4 = Season 1 - this presents 3.7% (or 4/108) of the scope of the whole story.. From the plane crash to the of the opening the hatch, exists a superb cinematic mystery. We could only contemplate the complex history that was to follow. Little did we know that we were only 3.7% down the rabbit hole

8 = Season 2 - this adds 7.4% (8/108) of information, as the scope of the story zooms out. When we go down the hatch and find Desmond and his seeming luxuries, it was merely a zooming out of the telescope leaving us to reiterate Charlie, saying "No, really, where the heck are we?" DHARMA facility and the tail section and Henry Gale. By the time Locke doesn't enter the code at 108 minutes, and Desmond turns the failsafe we've just learned 7.4% more of the story.
etc.. etc..

After adding each season onto each other, up to the end of season 5, we will have received 61.1% of the whole story. Leaving the final 38.9% (42/108) left to be told.

We know a a majority of the story already, we just have to wait for the biggest (and last) piece of pie to satisfy our LOST hunger. 42 here we come!

Here is my conversion chart.
4/108 = 3.7%
8/108 = 7.4%
15/108 = 13.9%
16/108 = 14.8%
23/108 = 21.3%
42/108 = 38.9%

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