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Jughead: Widmore Centric? by Chuck

Hear me out: episode 3 of Season 5 is heavy on the Widmore. He appears in three different periods of his life. We learn an incredible amount about him in this episode. Be sure to read this whole theory to get the most out of it.

One of the times we see him is the classic, 80 year old, extremely wealthy, Alan Dale version of our good friend Charles. Him and Desmond have a little conversation about Eloise Hawking. At the end of it all, Widmore expresses his concern for the safety of his daughter. He tells Desmond that he should not be meddling in these affairs, for they go back longer then he can imagine. He goes on to say (thank you Lostpedia for the quote) "You're getting yourself involved in something that goes back many, many years. It has nothing to do with you or my daughter. Wherever you were hiding... go back there." Where was Desmond hiding? The Island. I am pretty confident that Widmore knows all about that, indeed it was because of Widmore that Desmond ended up on the Island in the first place. So why does Widmore want Desmond to go back to the Island, and with Penny? If he really wants his daughter safe, I think the Island is a pretty bad place to go. With the upcoming war and all. But bac! k to that later.

The second time we see Charles is in 1954. A time-travelling Locke has followed "Jones", a man dressed in US military uniform, back to his camp. We have just learned, thanks to Juliet's fluent Latin, that Jones and his associate whose neck he just snapped are part of the 50's contingent of the Others. When Locke storms into the Others' mesa encampment, demanding to speak to Richard, Richard and Jones get into a heated argument over what to do with this strange bald man. Here we learn that Jones is in fact a young Charles Widmore. So, Widmore was on the Island as a teenager. How exactly did he get to the Island? Why does he have an English accent? Time to go down the rabbit hole...

The third time we see Charles Widmore is in the very first scene of the episode. Indeed, it is here that we witness his birth! For Charles Widmore is, in fact, his own grandfather. Desmond and Penny give birth to baby Charles, who legally retains his mother's name considering his parents aren't married. He grows up a little and has golden locks of hair (much like 1977 Widmore). After his father visits his future lover, Charles and his family travel back to the Island for some reason (to be revealed in Season 6). Time-travelling ensues. In the 1940's, Desmond and Penny are killed by the Others or simply die. Little Charles is adopted into the Others, who raise him as their own. As a sign of respect, Charles lays his parents to rest in the caves (Adam and Eve). He grows up with full knowledge of who they were, and is informed about all the time-travelling. For that reason and that reason alone he acted the way he did, manipulating Desmond to the Island, and as recently as Seas! on 5 instructing to go back with Penny. I think this he's-his-own-grandfather thing will be the ultimate realization of the paradoxes inherent in time travel. I will be truly proud of the writers when I see this on screen. Tell me what you think! What else are comments for?

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