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Juliet Smoke Monster Theory - crazy idea by Matt

I know that this theory has been mentioned a few times before so I'll try not to repeat the others who also came up with this theory.

What if the Smoke Monster was actually created in the incident. That would mean that the floating entity we all know and love is just the terrifying aftereffect of the D. I.'s accident of not being able to control the electromagnetism that island holds fused with the ripped up pieces of the drill and the nuclear blast from Jughead. But those wouldn't be the only things that would result in the creation of the Monster of Lost, because what is in the middle of the entire incident? Juliet. What I believe is that all that crap in the Swan being fused together with juliet being in the center of the chaos is that Juliet's body is obviously destroyed from the blast, but what if the electromagnetism sort of covered her consciousness and lifeforce in a cocoon of electromagnetic energy? Then after this occurs, her lifeforce is now fused with rest of the metal fragments from the drill and the nuclear radiation which then all combined makes a floating entity in the form of black smoke w! hich can capture memories of individuals near it using the concentrated electromagnetism stored inside it.(The Monster's electric flickers we've been seeing?)

With support of my theory you should checkout the season 3 episode, Left Behind, when Juliet sees the Smoke Monster for the first time. If you notice the Monster does something to Juliet that it doesn't do to anyone else. Juliet is not shown memories or given a simple stare-down then leaves. It seemed like it was about to attack Juliet and Kate, but as soon it got near Juliet it either seemed like Smoky was either bugging out because it was near its former self or that it was scanning her then left strangely.

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