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Theory Hey guys. Just thought I'd drop in and try and offer up some answers to some of the bigger mysteries of the show "Lost".

Note: This is a work of fiction. Purely inteded to be just a little bit of fun; a collection of thoughts and ideas of what the answers might be, when and if the answers should be revealed.

Thanks in advance to those who's theories appear here. Credit where credit's due. You know who you are.


Jacob and MIB represent neither good nor evil, but rather free will and fate, respectively. Collectively, they represent that age-old question; is there such a thing as choice?

Now, the key to unravelling Lost's great mysteries is to answer ONE, and all other mysteries will fall into place. So here we go...


During this, we may refer to the Smoke Monster as Cerberus since this is the only name, as used by Dharma, that will ever be applied to the character.

Now, to confirm one fact which has been suspected since the season 5 finale, MIB IS the Smoke Monster.

Smokie, or Cerberus, is what is known as a "fourth-dimension-being", an entity that exists on a plane not attainable by human perception. He is a victim of a trans-dimension shift caused by the Island's mysterious properties after a volcano eruption that, in turn, caused him to become trapped in our dimension many, many years ago.

Stranded along with Smokie came with him, a highly-evolved race of humanoids whom took refuge in the then, unfamiliar floura and fourna of what, we know, as the Island. Alone, afraid and unfamiliar with their new alien home, this race of people were forced to begin life a new.

Later, some of these people would choose to leave the Island and begin a civilization of their own. This ancient race of people would become known as the Egyptians.

The true name of these ancient peoples, of the Smoke Monster along with the name of their true home (dimension) isn't known, nor will it ever be. What is known, however, is that in their world, Cerberus, a.k.a. Smokie, co-existed with these hyper-evolved humanoids, a.k.a. the Others, as their servants.

Unfortunately for the Others, in this world, they are without an essential piece of their technology which allows them the ability to control Cerberus, and thus becoming, in an ironic shift of power, their master.

The Others would make drawings in the form of hyroglyphs; warnings to others who might find the Island and try to take it for their own.

Now, despite the fact that Cerberus would be worshiped as a God, the rule of a God is not what he desires. Instead, his only goal is to return home. And so, Cerberus set the Others about creating a machine, utilizing the Islands special properties, that could do just that very thing. This machine became the Frozen Donkey Wheel. The problem was, the wheel was highly inacurate and unstable and ultimately, was sealed away never to be used again.

Efforts immediately began on creating a better, more acurate machine capable of doing what was required. But it was then that something happened which Cerberus did not like -- Humans started to find the Island. Inexplicably, more and more of them began to appear and to the most displeasure of Cerberus, since he couldn't fathom just how it was that they were finding the Island. That is, until he began to hear the name Jacob, spoken, in hushed whispers, by those that had arrived.

Ironically, at one time, Jacob was as much a mystery to Cerberus (Smokie) as he is to our Losties.

It wasn't long, however, before he was discovered. But Cerberus was surpised to learn that Jacob was just a mere mortal human. Where he was from and how he got to the Island in the first place, he did not know. What Cerberus did discover is that he could not "see" Jacob's "life-stream". Your life-stream is like a river of time; a map of all the actions of your past, and your pre-determined future based on those actions. And because Cerberus could not see Jacob's life-stream, he could not kill him. The taking of a life is governed by a strict set of laws from Cerberus' home world that must be adhered to. If those laws were broken, Cerberus would never be allowed to return home.

Another thing Smokie learned is that Jacob seemed to have a mission of his own. Unfortunately for Smokie, that mission involved people coming to his Island, engaging in petty squabbles with the Others and thus disrupting the making of the machine that would send Cerberus home. So, where Jacob would medal with Smokie's plans, Cerberus would medal with Jacob's. And from then on, anyone brought to the Island whether by Jacob or otherwise would be subjected to Cerberus' laws and punishment. And so, a great conflict was born between both Cerberus and Jacob. A conflict that would spand a great many years...


So, if we take a moment now and switch to Jacob...

Jacob is Aaron from the future under a different name to protect his identity as a child on the Island.

Jacob's goal is to prevent the self destruction of all human life on this earth by Nuclear weaponry.

Jacob is aware of this great doom via a numerical calculation known as the Valenzetti Equation, discovered some time in the 60's and later proven correct some time in the early part of the new millenium.

This mathematical equation is presented as a series of numbers who's outcome represents the date of Man's own destruction on this earth.

The goal is to change each of the equations core values (the numbers) and thus change the outcome.

But in order to do this, Jacob needs people to help him. He also needs the help of our trans-dimensional beings; the Others, and Smokie himself.

For the longest time, Jacob and his faction of Others have kept their mission a secret from Smokie since helping them save the world of a petty, corrupted power-hungry race, knowing of his lack of faith in humanity, would be the least of his concern.

Soon, all the Others were allied with Jacob and it became apperent to Cerberus, that if he is to have any hope of returning home, Jacob must be killed, he must take back his people, and if they won't join him willingly, they must be manipulate into doing his will.

To be continued...

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