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Sawyer is with MIB by Can't Wait

So there have been grumblings about what side Sawyer is on this season. I rewatched The Incident, and something struck me as odd, and hopefully no one has brought this up before!

The argument is, is Jacob good and MIB black or are the producers trying to pull one over on us. Jacob seems to try and not interfere with people directly, where MIB does (also shapeshifts and judges them).

So I am going to make this short and sweet. MIB wants Sawyer on his team. Of all the Jacob scenes in the Incident, did you notice that Sawyer's scene is the only one that continued when Jacob left? That is because the next man was the MIB. He tried to convince Sawyer to not write the letter because what's "done is done". Much like in "Tale of Two Cities", Jack heard over the broken intercom to "let it go" by Christian (who some think is the MIB as well). Oh, I left out another important character trait of the man who talked to kid sawyer, he was dressed in black! Or maybe it was just the funeral.

Tear me up.

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