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I haven’t been looking at the theories for very long, so this may be a rehash of someone else’s theory. Sorry if that happens, it is not intended! But I wanted to get into the spirit of the game, and come up with a ‘theory’ of my own. So here goes:

The game/test.

Once upon a time, there was an island. A very mystical island, ruled over by a god and goddess, being preserved for their children, J and S. It so happens that the god of this island broke a rule that all gods and goddesses must obey, (the goddess didn’t break the rule but she lied for her mate to protect him), so the head god smote them (or whatever). The head god told the two godsons that the sins of the father must be visited upon them, and they were charged with the job of maintaining the island, keeping it protected and hidden from the world for all eternity.

This didn’t sit well with the godsons, who were very young at the time, possibly only a few thousand years old. It was such an unjust fate for boys barely in their teens, so J and S rebelled. They used their special powers to bring humans to the island.

J enjoyed the diversion of flawed humans running around his island, while S developed an instant dislike. He delighted in turning into his smoky alter-ego and scaring the crap out of his unwelcome visitors.

Over the centuries, it became quite a game. J would bring ships, hoping that S wouldn’t kill the humans, and S would kill the humans, so J would bring more ships. Miraculously, a certain number of humans were surviving from each shipload, and managed to make peace with S. At least, they stayed out of his way.

One century, a ship, owned by a wealthy family named Hanso, came to the island. Wealthy families were now taking the place of gods and goddesses, as far as running the world and such. This ship carried prisoners who had been charged with various crimes, but not yet found guilty. The ship also had merchants, traders, and the standard crew.

Upon crashing in the middle of this island, Captain Hanso knew he was in a magical place. He investigated the island, bravely seeking answers, and escaped death by Smoke many times. He eventually found favor with J and learned many of the island secrets. The two of them invented a new game that actually had a purpose (other than relieving a young god’s boredom): redemption.

The game would have players who are accused of major crimes, and minor ones, and there would also be players who are helpers or pawns, on-island, and off. The helper players win the right to stay safe and healthy on the island forever, or leave forever, if they choose. The criminal players win the right to become helper players, and so on, with the ultimate goal of being the master of your own destiny, once you have earned it.

J and S insisted on one rule for this game: the contestants must all be paying for the ‘sins of the father’. So whatever the contestant’s crime, or immorality, it must be related to the guilt of his parents or ancestors.

A game round changes every 3 years, and a player is evaluated every 108 days. The settings and histories of the players can change (“Everything Changes” from room 23). When a player dies, he is either unredeemable, or not really dead, just a pawn to be brought back in the next round.

Ok, from here I will make a possible list of all the types of players and who they might be:

Criminal/criminal ancestor(s):
Sawyer/his dad and mom

Immoral/criminal ancestor(s):
Sun/Mr. Paik

Possible criminal/immoral ancestor(s):
Kate/Wayne and Diane
Jin/his mom

Possible immoral or criminal/possible immoral or criminal ancestor(s):
Charlie/Dexter Stratton?
Desmond/dead father?
Claire/Christian or mom
Penny/her dad, possibly her unknown mom

Innocent players, or innocent ancestors list or question marks:
Hurley, Libby, Rose, Bernard, Ana Lucia, Boone, Shannon (well, just because she’s a biatch, she isn’t necessarily immoral), Sarah, Miles, Charlotte, Captain Gault, Arzt, etc.… most of all, Daniel Faraday (a true innocent, paying for Widmore and Eloise’s crimes) and John Locke (whose parentage I’m not even sure of).

Not sure where Ilana, Bram, or Frank fit in….

Now I suspect Richard was recruited to assist in the game or sentenced to play the game forever for some reason, but I don’t know for sure. Help me out here. Who else is sentenced to play this game because of really bad ancestors, and who has already earned their freedom and either stayed or left?

Yes, I know this is a silly fairy tale, but I have had fun playing this game, so add some rules if you want!

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