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I am fascinated by all of your ideas, and it is fun to read them; an sadly all of our fun will end in may... Hopefully we'll find a new series as smart as lost... but probably not :)

anyway down to business

The one thing I noticed in all of your theories, is that how much detail you spent into the sciene and history of the characters and island - but took Jacob/MIB at face value

remember Alex's boyfriends Brainwashing ? (jACOB LOVES YOU)

remember when Jacob got Nadia Killed?

remember when Jacob was fully aware of Ben being neglected but refused to see him all those years anyway?

my theory is this:

Jacob is actually one of the villains. Obsessed with manipulation and ego. He DOES like humans, as evident in his conversation with MIB, but he seems to view them like a family house pet. You like them, but they're less than you, stupid, easy to manipulate.

Remember? how do we know Jacob is "good"? Because everyone in the series who has told us he is good is a master manipulator, done horrible things, and vague (ben, richard, locke, lady in season 3).

Jacob does like humans like I said, but is selfish and brings them to the island or screws up their life to play games with them and run them like children or housepets.

"the Island wants/needs you" how many times have we heard that from people who trust in Jacobs lies? Could it be that it is simply what Jacob wants and nothing to do with the island?

MIB hates humans, so he leaves them alone (HE never brings anyone to the island - and the fact we only know of his existence since last season means he is rather reclusive- even if he is the smoke monster), but he hates Jacobs games and Jacob himself, and he only screws with the humans jacob brings to get back at Jacob. He hates them, but is fine with them as long as they never come his island

Conclusion? Jacob AND MIB have to go. The only good guys are 815 survivors. Richard remains a mystery to me - he has no sides apparently, is vague, and history is unknown; but as for the others Im sure. Jacob and M.I.B. are both good in their own right, and both brutally evil in their own right also. Oceanic 815 has to kill both of them

Im sure you all know way more show details, facts and there may be huge holes in my story BUT at least consider the idea that in a show as complicated as Lost - MIB and Jacobs relations and motives might not be as simple as we all think

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