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The many sides of John Locke by bobby

I have just finished watching Season 1 and it occured to me that Locke seems to change from one personality to another. After seeing what I presume to be the smoke monster at the beginning of season 1 he begins to act as though he is one with the island and starts to tell people what they are supposed to do. He told Jack to keep following what he was looking for(his father's ghost). That led Jack to find the caves and the much needed source of water. He seemed to know what Walts gift was or at least he knew he was special to some degree. Locke also led Charlie down the path to beating his heroin addiction by leading him to his guitar and so on and so forth.

Locke continued to seem to be one with the island until the end of season 1 when visited by the smoke monster for a second time. As Jack, Kate, and Hurley fled, Locke actually ran towards it thinking he would see what he described as the beautiful eye of the island. However, what he saw this time around scared the crap out of him. This event leads to Locke becoming the easily manipulated Locke in search of answers from Season 2 up until the time that Ben killed him.

So,are there two different smoke monsters? If not, why the different reactions in Locke's encounters with it? Did it scan Locke? He did seem to show up out of the blue at just the right moment on a couple of occasions. (such as sneaking up on Sayid without him hearing Locke, and most notibly being there as Jack was hanging from the cliff after chasing his fathers ghost)

I know this is not much of a theory. I just felt compelled to point out the totally different way I see John Locke in season 1 after watching the events that took place in Season 5. Even his simple facial reactions make you rethink what is actually taking place in a scene. I encourage anyone who has not rewatched season 1 since the season 5 finale to do so. You will be blown away by how differently you observe the events that take place. Also, team Darlton said that the best way to prepare for the final season was to rewatch the first one. Thanks for your time and I hope that you enjoy the final season of Lost.

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