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Control of Jack and Locke by lockwasdead

In recent season 1 rewatches, I have noticed a strange thing with Locke. In "Walkabout," Locke is hunting boars and is startled by the smoke monster. At this time, this is the first instance of Locke actually seeing the smoke monster - not just seeing, but staring right into it.

After this moment, Locke seems confident about everything and full of faith. Then I started thinking about in later episodes after Locke found the hatch. He is so confident that they are going to get in. He even says "This was supposed to work!" after his trevache fails (more on that later). This is because the MIB is controlling him. He doesn't know he's being controlled, he just is. MIB can make anything possible, but it has to be believable by the 815ers. He even makes Charlie's guitar appear in "House of the Rising Sun."

Now lets skip to Jack. Jack is always in a struggle with Locke. Jack tries to use reason to explain and attempt things. Jacob was controlling Jack and foiling many of MIB's plans. Earlier I explained when Locke's trevache failed, that was because of Jacob. That's why Locke says it was supposed to work, because it was. But Jacob counter attacked Locke (MIB).

Now let's flash forward to off-island events after the Oceanic Six leaves the island. Off the island, Jacob and MIB cannot control Jack and Locke. This is why Flocke tells Richard to tell Locke that everyone has to come back, he needs Jack back because without Jack, MIB cannot win his war. I'm not exactly sure why Jack has to do with winning the war, but that is what I'm understanding.

I think maybe Jack is need because he is the ultimate leader type. People believe in him and Jacob needs his body as a puppet to be defeated. This however is pure speculation. But I do believe that Jack and Locke are being controlled by Jacob and MIB.

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