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The Others Are the Lost Tribe by RB

After watching all of the seasons back to back, there are 3 main themes that stick out. 1) Parental issues, especially with dads. 2) Religion 3) Biblical names.

This leads me to believe that Jacob is the Jacob from the bible, and the others are part of the lost tribes of Israel, while the Island is the Land of Goshen from the bible.

jacob is the father of the tribes of Israel. He gave birth to 12 men who went on to form the tribes and eventually he moved to Goshen where he supposedly died. But God used him for more than just the father of the tribes, but he is also the caretaker of the island and the jewish people. He moves the island to modern Israel from Egypt where Solomons temple is built and the ark is kept (with the smoke monster inside). When the Assyrians attack, the island is moved with most of the ten tribes and they are separated from Israel.

The island exists outside of space and time, since it is a place of God. Some of God's chosen spread throughout the world and intermixed with other cultures, taking their special powers given to them by God. There is a list with all the of lost people, and Jacob is trying to bring all of the tribes together to fulfill God's will.

Remember how history can't be changed and that a paradox cannot be created? Well, things can still go wrong with the timeline, and in the "real" timeline, John Locke was supposed to be the leader. But Richard screwed up and ended up making Ben the leader. This screwed up time and the coincidences between the many characters occur because time is trying to self-correct. It is bringing all of the characters together to correct the timeline and instill Locke in his rightful place.

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