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The Manchurian Locke by Lost my Lunch

So after watching a lot of the earlier episodes again, I realized that Locke was a strange character much earlier on than I thought he was the first time through. Almost from the beginning he seems to know things, he expects the island to be able to guide him. As others have pointed out in other theories, he seems to be around when Christian or Smokey is on so on.

This started me to wondering how early on he may have been put on this ‘path of knowledge’, and eventually got me thinking about a sort of theory. I’m not sure I agree with this myself, but it might generate some discussion.

First, as for the 2 leaders who we’ve seen since birth- we know that when Locke is born, Richard travels off the island to be there for the event. When Ben is born, Horcace and Amy are there. Lets say that part of the method for identifying a leader has to do with a prophecy that the leader’s mother is named Emily L. This would account for Richard’s interest in Locke and Dharma’s interest in Ben.

Basically, what if, when Locke visits Richard 1952, there are already people in the camp who are not on Richard’s (for the sake of discussion let’s day Jacob’s) side (I nominate Widmore and maybe Ellie). These people in the camp (who are already in MIB’s side =Smokey’s side) are aware of Locke’s claim that he will be born in 2 years. Either they overhear them talking or Richard mentions it, but however it works out, Richard is not the only one to go to California when Locke is born.

Richard verifies Locke’s story and is impressed enough to start keeping track of him. Meanwhile, those on the other side first try to kill Emily Locke (how many Lost car accidents or run-downs have actually been accidental? Not Sayid’s wife, Juliet’s husband,.the accident on the bridge when Jack is ready to jump etc etc). Of course Emily lives, Locke is born and immediately taken away before his mother is allowed to see him.

If you were the ‘opposition’ wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity to have your guy (or baby) swapped in for the guy who your enemy thinks will be their leader. The Locke we saw all the way through Seasons 1-4 is not the Locke Richard thought he was. When Richard visits young Locke we see a picture of Smokey, then we see that Richard is disappointed (or confused?) that Locke chooses the knife. Eventually Richard is ready to give up on Locke, but Jack tells him that he shouldn’t. Locke, meanwhile is a ‘sleeper’, a Manchurian candidate who, although he gradually becomes more “in tune” with the island, has no real idea about his true role until after he dies and his body is commandeered by Smokey MIB.

So by the end of Season 5, we have Richard trusting Locke (if reluctantly), Locke needing to kill Jacob (but not being able to do so himself) and Ben (the other trusted “leader”) becoming the loophole that Locke uses to get around the ‘rules’.

Kind of long and rambling and probably wrong, but hey, we still have a few weeks to kill, right?

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