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Bens Role In Lost by QUITEHiGH

This is a very short but concise theory.

This is my take on why Jacob said "What about you?" to Ben.

He was a nobody.

He was Jacobs and Richards "Informant". Ben believed, or at least we are well, sort of, led to believe that Ben thought Jacob was in the cabin, yes? Well we know Richard knew where Jacob really was (the statue) and that Ben did not. And we know that Ben and Richard talked to each other about "Jacob", maybe Richard lied to ben and told him that the person in the cabin was indeed "Jacob" and he did this on Jacobs orders! As it was the only 'safe' way to retrieve information from him.

Therefore in the grand scheme of things, Ben was simply a pawn used by Jacob to gather information on the MIB.

Only flaws i can find with this is why would the MIB go along and pretend that he is indeed Jacob...

Well... if you look at it from the MIB's perspective. You are locked/imprisoned in the cabin for eternity and then some bug eyed freak wanders in asking if your Jacob (obviously knowing who Jacob was and that he is an "enemy") then yes of course you will go a long with it. It could of been his only glimmer of home of maybe getting out of there!

My name says it all. Peace.

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