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Fixed timeline theory by raonak

I was researching up Randomness. technically everything given enough information can be predicted. if we (somehow) find out all the information about the big band, then we could map out where all the atoms would have gone, and thus have the ability to map out the entire universe.

in the theory of alt timelines, they only exist due to choice. but what is choice, a bunch of chemical reactions in our brain (think, the matrix) so technically you could predict what someone would do if you knew everything that happened in their brain.

so theoretically randomness doesnt exist (in a sense)

now lets apply this to lost.

i think that detonating the bomb doesnt stop the electromagnetic energy. instead supresses it. the energy of the bomb would be sucked into the hole, meaning everyone on the island survives. but the energy will build up eventually. dharma makes the swan to continously supress the energy.

if the losties didnt detonate it, the electromagnetic energy would have continued sucking metal in it. possibly destroying the island, and mabye... the world?

anyway. daniel knew this. why did he lie to the losties? telling them that detonating the bomb would result in the creation of the swarn, thus them crashing on the island wouldnt be a good idea.

daniel was always ment to "find out about variables"(meaning making the lie). he was always ment to tell the losties to blow up the bomb. the island was always going to get evacuated. charlotte was always ment to leave the island. Daniel was always ment to die by the hands of his mother. mile's dad... cant remember real name was always ment to get his hand damaged, juliet was always ment get pulled into the hole, the bomb was always ment to get triggered.

everything that was ment to happen... happened.

i suspect the energy of the bomb and the electromagntism will cause the losties to warp to the proper time. if juliet is lucky, the time 'fix' will occur before the force of the bomb kills her. but due to her not getting star billing, i suspect she dies. (on the flipside, her not getting star billing might be

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