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MIB off the Island? by Gatesy

Well we know for certain that Jacob has left the Island... so it stands to reason that perhaps MIB has also left the Island... and as we've seen MIB represented as Locke that also means we may have seen him manifested in various flashbacks/flashforwards...

Here are three potential occasions we may have come across MIB before:

1. Thomas - Aaron's Father. We know the show has made a big deal about fathers in general and has also made a big deal about Aaron. Could Aaron's father be more important than we've thought and be a manifestation of MIB? This is some what supported by the fact that Thomas' painting are seen in Widmore's office - and many are speculating Widmore is on MIB's side rather than Jacob's...

2. The Economist -Elsa tells us that 'The Economist' only visits Berlin maybe once or twice a year... and when Sayid suggests to her that there is newer technology than a pager she tells us that her boss doesn't like technology... or progress as you might put it! This also rings true with Ben and Locke's experience of 'Jacob' in 'The Man Behind the Curtain'... many think now that was actually an encounter with MIB

3. Dave - Hurley's imaginary friend was never really a friend at all and maybe he wasn't imaginary either - especially as Dave tried to see Hurley escape the institution (altering his Lottery winning destiny) and tried to get Hurley to kill himself on the Island by jumping off the cliff. What adds credence to this part of the theory is that Jacob clearly takes the most interest in Hurley off-island; having a full conversation and clearly directing him back to the Island...

I'm sure others can think of other possible manifestations (not least Christian Shepherd!)

what do you reckon?

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