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Dharma Initiative Ann Arbor by Mystery Scribe

I have a strange idea. If it’s already been discussed, I apologize. This isn’t jam-packed with references, just ideas.
I’ve wrestled with the Dharma Initiate Ann Arbor. The reason? What did they do after the Purge? They obviously knew how to find the island in the first place. So, why didn’t they come back in force to find their missing people (obviously the dead DI islanders couldn’t answer communications from Ann Arbor—they were dead) and take the island back from the Others?

The simplest explanation is usually the right one, so here it is:

1)The Others (minus Richard, perhaps) ARE from the Dharma Initiative, although they were on the island longer than the DI that built Dharmaville. It’s like Special Forces or the military going somewhere to prepare the way for the troops or humanitarian aid workers. The troops or aid workers may or may not know that the Special Forces are in the same place because they are operating covertly. But what if those Special Forces (Others) were influenced by the island, MIB, or Jacob to believe that no one else should come to the island (sounds more like MIB)? When the non-military DI scientists come to the island, they don’t know that their own compatriots are already there and brand them "Hostiles."


2)When the DI are purged on island, MIB or Smokey takes over the bodies of whichever DI person is needed to communicate with Ann Arbor to deceive them into thinking that the DI are still there and in control. Although they were in a pit, they weren’t covered with dirt of foliage, so does that constitute a burial? But that couldn’t last forever. Could it? Perhaps the DI Ann Arbor still believe the DI are still there.

I’d love to hear thoughts on this. I’m really left scratching my head about what the DI Ann Arbor did or didn’t do after the Purge. Maybe that’s who Ilana’s people are or maybe Eloise Hawking is actually Karen DeGroot.

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