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Now, everyone is still pondering over who the man in black was. He and Jacob do not seem to get along and have two completely different aspects on humanity.
This is because they are the same person, Aaron, but from different parallel universes/dimensions/times. One is dark, one is light.

Now watching Lost, we familiar with the idea of time travel and affecting how the future plays out due to it. Here we have two Aarons. One evil (dark), one good (light).

If you remember back in season 1, Claire visits a psychic. The psychic first refuses to read her future, but upon a later visit he reluctantly agrees. The psychic informs Claire, that the baby is surrounded by darkness, and that it is important for the sake of the baby that she herself raises it. "Surrounded by darkness". Sounds familiar to the whole Dark vs Light story ? Okay, so fast forward to when Claire wonders off into the jungle lured by her "father", Christian (MIB), leaving Aaron behind and therefore abandoning him and causing him to be taken care of someone else, first Kate, then his grandmother. This is predestination caused by the future Aaron (MIB under the guise of her father, Christian) to fulfil his destiny in becoming himself in the future.

Given that, I theorise that in another alternative universe/dimensions/times, Claire does not abandon Aaron, and he ends up being raised up to become Jacob.

Now, with the two together, how do they come to meet each other ? When do they come to meet each other ? That is still all unexplained and I'm thinking of a theory to explain it, but I hope you found my theory on Aaron/Jacob/MIB interesting, thank you for reading :)

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