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The flash we see at the end of season 5 was a time flash and the bomb doesn't go off. The new way the writers of lost will tell the story will be what happens after 815 lands safely. But just like when Desmond does not have the memory of talking to Daniel Faraday until Daniel speaks to him in Daniel's "time line" they will show us later in season 6 that Desmond for some reason(because he is special)Desmond's consciousness(or physically)travels back to 2004 and does push the button the day 815 fly's through the island "window".

Remember that Eloise Hawking told Desmond that the Island is not "done" with him yet and explains why Eloise and Charles Widmore are at the hospital where Desmond went to after he is shot by Ben. Eloise said that his injury is her son's fault and apologizes for her son's actions. Eloise told Penny that her son is Daniel Faraday and not Ben (the man that shot Desmond). This can only be expla! ined by the fact that Daniel asked Desmond to give Eloise a massage and by coming out of hiding to do so gave Ben the chance to go after Penny. Eloise says to Penny that for the first time in a long time she does not know what will happen next.

Also I think that the last image of the show will be a top down view as the camera pulls back of the island and we see for the first time that the island is in the shape of an eye. The island it self is a man made island.

All this is most likely wrong but I just hope that they don't pull a Matrix 2 and 3 on us.

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