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Best Show Ever by McGee

I think the key to the Smoke Monster and to MIB is to trace everything that the character has done so far. Since we pretty much know that they are one in the same, we have to start from season 1 and view the actions that have taken place thoroughly. All along we were suspicious as to why Locke and the Smoke Monster always pretty much got along. MIB was behind the scenes playing him all along.

This is going to be 6 seasons of the character behind the scenes maniupulating things. Whenever he appeared to Ben as Alex, and convinced him to believe John Locke. Eko got taken outta the equation like nothing. Ecko in Season 6 would be outta control. Think about Desmonds possibilities. He has been influenced in the past by people from the future. He has brought this into the present where we are currently at in an unforseen way. I'm just saying he has alot of variability in the Lost equation. Jack is always gonna come up i! n a big way. Jack is due for something big. I really think that Jack is gonna end up stepping in as Jacob. Jacob made things happen and fixed things. Jack. Who would be better? One thing I admit is that I've always been a Locke guy. But I feel that last season kinda shed a different light on Locke. I hope this season that he reedems himself. Basically both Locke and Jack have been doing there separate, but but necessary roles on the island. Jack has been doing it in the science side, and Locke in the faith. But now we see that Jack has found faith in the Island itself. We have seen what the Smoke monster can do. Imagine the powers that Jacob must have. We have only seen him in a good light. What still amazes me is the fact that Jacob may still be the bad guy. Or the fact that the show may end with neither side fully winning. That would then represent exactly what the world is like to this day. In a sense, i feel that may be the best way they could end it. I do realize that ! would get alot of hate. I think the true fans would appreciate! it thou gh. Lost always leaves you guessing. And in a way I am selfish in a sense that since i'm 23, I could see a reboot in 30 years and it would probably be amazing. TV in 30 years is gonna be nuts. Where has Claire been? It's amazing to think that we have absolutely no idea how she is going to return. The character was gone for a full season. That is a statement to the fact that character has alot of information to tell. Ilana is a major character that knows alot. Hurley's guitar case has been behind the scenes a long time. It is going to continue something crucial. Also everyone of the Oceanic 6 was touched by Jacob. It got them out of the situation on the island. Locke didn't leave the island and stayed and fretted alot more dangerous situations. Locke busted his ass for the Island man. He left and gave up his life. If we never see Locke again he gave up his life for the Island. Just typing that sentence brought a tear to my eye. I'm not even kidding. This has been a complete s! tream of concious post, but I feel that I am bringing up some crucial points just to think about. We are soo close. You know that something means alot to you when you add extra letters to words. DVR baby, set 5 minutes late. Lost is the only show that has ever thrown like a extra 8 minutes on the end for you. It had me hooked since day 1. I have never watched them on DVD. They were watched either live or on DVR. I think that if Sawyer died, it would get more tears that if Jack did. I say that as a Jack guy. Either of them dying would be sad as heck. But it is always possible. The best thing about Lost in my eyes in the sheer variability that it brings to the table. The Island is a magical place. But with that comes responsiblity. Its a garden of Eden. The Smoke Monster represents the snake. And only after sometime on that Island did people consider straying to the darkside. Richard's role is crucial. Them making him a lead character is the last season means he has quite alo! t to tell. And what is unbelievable in my eyes is that I know ! little t o nothing about Richard, but I believe the man. He is going to play quite a role. He has been the go to guy for Jacob. He may be the only one who knows Jacob truly. You would have to think that as old as Jacob is, Richard is his most trusted advisor. Unless someone else is there as well, but we would have seen them. Regardless of what happens with this bomb, it is going to be a completely different Lost. It is either a future where they are unaware of the events that traspired, or they all die. Seeing that would be seeing the character thats we have grown to love die right before our eyes. We have already seen Juliet perish more or less. She really grew on us. Plus she was quite a looker, haha. Well I am done ranting. Lost loves I'm so happy for all of you. I know how happy I am.

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