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2 minds 1 Locke by Ric

Not sure if this theory has been posted before. if it has. dont go all nuts saying that im ripping someone off.

anyway kinda had a locke fetish lately and to me it seems like someone else was in his body alllllll along.

when they 1st crash onto the island he realises he can use his legs again. kinda like he was given extra strength to function them. thats the 1st big clue i got.

when he is playing backgammon. looks like he is playing against himself. but really theres 2 minds in his body. both playing against eachother. probably how he knows so much about backgammons history.

when clare had the dream of locke with 1 black eye and one 1 eye, kinda a reference to two sides being in him. 1 mind being good and the other mind being evil.

im sure theres more but i cbf going through them.

anyway, how can locke go on not knowing theres someone else in his body? because he thinks its the "island"

whoever else is in his body (mib or not) is very quiet and subtle. he doesnt make it obvious to lockes mind that he is in there so every now and then he drops subtle messages making lockes mind believe it was the one who thought of it. locke doesnt question how he always knows what to do and when to do it. he just thinks the "island" is telling him. but really, its the other mind inside his body making lockes mind believe its the island.

when locke leaves the island, he is once again just locke. only 1 mind. thats why he is so confused and helpless and doesnt know what to do. all he remembers is that he has to get the people back o the island and kill himself. so he kills himself. and once his body is back on the island, in come mib or whoever it was in his body before.

now with lockes mind out of the picture, he is free to do as he pleases without confusing lockes mind. its just him now and he's "been through alot get here".

anyway im sure i got alot more to add but right now its 40 degrees in sydney, australia and i cbf sitting here sweating my ass off for much longer XD

would love to hear some feedback and some added ideas to this.

cheers, Ric

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