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Juliet's future was her past...... by Ralph

With a lot of thinking...and re-watching....I figured it out! the writers once again prove that they have had it planned way ahead of time.....

Check this out,let me explain....

The famous stare down between Eko and Smokey revealed to us that Smokey displays your past(the past) in it's lighted smoke cloud mass...in this we saw Eko's.

...but when Smokey was confronting Kate and Juliet it when they were hiding in Smokey's weakness(Yes! the Banyan trees)...it scanned Juliet like it was taking pictures....It wasn't...I was wrong...we were all wrong...it was doing what it was doing to Eko...scanning the past(Juliet's past)....and because of two Juliet existing at the same time in the past(one adult-one child)...Smokey actually showed us Jughead going off(the Bright white flash we assumed was some kind of a camera flash)....they showed us Juliet's fate all the way back in season 3....It's gotta be that.....I feel that I'm dead on with this.

And better explained....Smokey looks into your past and actually lets you view it also.If Juliet was not on the Island in the past,she would not have seen flashes...only her parents breaking up or her sneaking around her husbands lab..you get the idea...but because she existed at the same time....it messed up Smokey's reader system and revealed both Juliet's past and Juliet's future in the past....so this means that Juliet knew since then and there she would eventually be destine to die...she,like Desmond(with Charlie's death)..kept avoiding the un-avoidable,but eventually she gives up and this was the real reason she made them turn the sub around.

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