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What was up with Locke? by Locke4God

This is really short, and not terribly inventive so don't shoot me, but go back and rewatch "All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues."

That was the episode where Locke & Boone first found the hatch.

If you recall they (Locke, Boone, Jack, & Kate) were chasing Ethan through the jungle after he'd just kidnapped Claire & Charlie. They find two trails apparently, with Jack deciding to follow the one with pieces of Charlie's finger tape (remember that?). Locke follows the other one.

Now I'd first like to point out that Jack's trail had evidence that Charlie had gone that way. The other trail was only confirmed to exist by Locke. Keep that in mind.

Anyway, Kate follows Jack, and Boone follows Locke.

It's not 5 minutes later when Boone says something to the effect of, "I don't see a trail Locke, what are you following?" And Locke's only response is along the lines of, "My istinct."

At this point Locke tries his best to convince Boone to go back, but Boone refuses, and they march on.

Now over the next hour Jack finds and saves Charlie and along with Kate the 3 of them march all the way back to camp.

Locke meanwhile is still walking through the jungle and Boone again asks where they are going. Locke says the trail had gone cold miles ago. Boone makes it clear that he doesn't understand what they're doing out there, and then threatens to finally go home.

But Locke stops him for a brief moment to toss him a flash light. Locke does that, and the flashlight falls to the ground bouncing off nothing less than the lid to the famous hatch. How convenient.

So to sum up, Locke ventured onto a trail that nobody else saw. He follwed it briefly and not long after confessed that there was no trail. He continued to follow admitedly nothing for another hour, attempting to ditch Boone unsuccessfully. And then after following nothing, he magically finds the hatch.

Huh? I mean what was he doing? Why would he wander around for no apparent reason, and then just happen to find the hatch?

Honestly I don't know what to make of it, but the writers could have easily said that he was following a trail. Instead they made a point of indicating that Locke was following nothing.

Does this give any credense to the idea that Locke has been Flocke all along?

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