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First I want to excuse my English because it’s not my natural language, second I want to apologize if this been treated before in another post…I try to keep update but I can miss one.

The theory consist in this: There’s is an obvious reason of why Jacob touch the losties in different times during the season 5 finale and why he dint touch others, Jacob needs to influence in this peoples actions to facilitate their entrance to the island and help him against MIB plans…further details on each case:

1. Kate: Jacob intervene to let Kate steals….years later that reason put her on Oceanic 815

2. Sawyer: Jacob intervene to let Sawyer write the letter….years later that purpose put him on Oceanic 815

3. Sun/Jim: Jacob intervene to keep their love….years later that escape put them on Oceanic 815

4. Sayd: Jacob intervene to let Nadia die….later that reason put him on Ajira 316

Particular cases

1. Locke: Jacob resurrect him….years later he’s alive and get on Oceanic 815…if dead Locke couldn’t go to the island

2. Hurley: Jacob invites to free will….Why? because he it’s the only one who wasn’t mean to be on the island in his original plan (Season 1) but now he needs him, but Hurley have to make his own decision

3. Jack: Jacob touch was symbolic, Jack was always meant to reach the island

Not been touch

1. Juliet: Why?....because instead of Damon, she did change things when she hit the bomb during the incident…Everything was the way it means to be: The losties traveling back in time, the bomb been using as a contingent use by Desmond in the season 2 finale, etc…an eternal loop!!!....We dint see Juliet been touch by Jacob, because she was touch by MIB! (Speculation on what we might see in season 6), Juliet was MIB ace on the hole…she’s the one who’s action going to create ALT (Why she was on the island? Even Richard dint believe she was important, Ben was following directions from MIB figuring it was Jacob.

2. Ileana: I put another theory months ago, and I believe that scene between Jacob and Ileana was an flash forward of something we would discover in season 6.

Why all this effort? Well I believe the producers said we don’t have right now all the elements to know what would happen after the incident…so the ‘why” factor its one of those things to watch in season 6.

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