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First let me just say Ive only just started reading many of these theories and have no idea if this has been brought up before. All I want to do is bring some possible connections to light, I by no means have put all the pieces together.

Being wrapped up in season 5 etc for a while , it was easy for me to forget how important the themes of children, saving the world, birthing problems were in the earlier seasons. Perhaps the numbers, which seem to refer to the end of humanity in some way, suggest that the end of humanity is caused by an infectious infertility in women. Of course this would have many possible implications such as:

--Explanation of childbrith issues on the island
--The DIs true purpose may be to "solve" the infertility problem therefore changing the numbers permanently
--Juliets purpose for being brought to the island (i.e. solving her sisters infertility issue)
--Why children are so sought after and cherished by the others--Walt, Aaron; Jacobs visits to Locke, Kate as a child, Suns pregnancy--children hold the answer to the disease
--Taweret-nuff said
--Maybe the incident was thought to bring about this plague but actually it was the abomb

Maybe sometime in the future Jacob/MIB discover this ending of humanity is caused by infertility and travel back in time to build the statue and devote their life and the lives of the others (worshipers of Taweret) in the time loop to discovering a solution for this infertility disease which plagues humanity. Perhaps they are searching for the mother/child that hold the genetic key to surviving this plague.

I feel like Im blabbering at this point but I hope you get the idea of how this could underlie many of the lost themes. I feel like Im blabbering now so I hope some of this made sense and sparked some imaginations! Thanks.

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