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Jacob's Interference by RH

This is the story of our characters....

- Kate steals throughout her whole life and goes off the rails, getting in trouble with the law, mindlessy killing the wrong person when she tries to murder her father, which results in her being taken into custody and aboard 815 and eventually landing in jail
- Sawyer doesn’t write his letter and grows up with a conviction to right the wrongs done to his parents and becomes a cop.
- Sayid is reunited with his love Nadia after they find each other in Los Angeles after 815 and live a happy life.
- Locke is pushed out of an eight story window by his father and breaks his back, living a miserable life
- Sun and Jin live their lives in turmoil and Sun leaves him at the airport
- Jack lives his life not believing anything or in miracles.
- Hurley wins the lottery and owns Mr Clucks after 815


- Kate grows up with more morals and respect, she doesnt steal, but still cannot stand by and watch her abusive father attack her mother, so murders him.
- Sawyer continues to write the letter to Mr Sawyer and grows up to be a conman and is expulsed from Australia.
- Nadia is run over and Sayid is filled with revenge and becomes a killer, resulting in the shooting of Ben Linus, turning him into an Other
- Locke is pushed from the window and is touched by Jacob (the ramifications are still to be seen)
- Sun and Jin, respecting their love, go together on flight 815.
- Jack has a little more belief which causes him to take leaps of faith and believe in destiny
- Hurley wins the lottery and after escaping the island does Jacobs bidding by bringing something to the island in the guitar case and his help through his ability

Jacob was also responsible for setting 815 off course by hundreds of miles, bringing them in good reach of the island.

As you can see, we have been watching an alternate reality all along that has been changed with Jacob interfering in the losties lives, and therefore, changing the entire course of history - as no widmore would need to send freighters etc...

There is no doubt, someone has interefered in Desmonds life aswel, changing his destiny to be on the island.

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