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Horace 'Other' Theory by Tony C

So i have this theory that Horace and Amy are, and have always been Hostiles/Others on the island. Lets start it off with my list of theories/reasons for this.

1. Locke had a dream in "Cabin Fever" with Horace Cutting down a tree over and over while he built a cabin for himself in the middle of the woods. He told Locke, basically, that it was for vacation away from the Dharma initiative. BUT Horace also told him he needs to find Horace (the dead body) to find Jacob. The Dharma folks had no idea who Jacob was. At least there were no clues towards that notion in season five in the 70s.

2. In "Lafleur", Amy was out in the woods being attacked by Hostiles whom had killed her husband. Her husband wore an Ankh necklace, which is what The Four Toed Statue is holding in each hand. This also is a symbol for Birth or Re-Birth. This to me is too close of a coincidence especially for a show like Lost, where every detail could matter.

3. Horace and Richard were the two who signed the treaty when Dharma first arrived at the island. Who is to say Horace was never an other in the first place and joined the Dharma initiative early on and became the median between the Hostiles and Dharma. He is, in fact, the DI person in charge who talks to Richard when need be. Maybe Horace brought Dharma to the island? this is of course speculation.

4. Amy gives birth to Ethan. Who EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER believes is Ethan Rom, The "Hostile" Ethan, who is alive and well in 2004 after the extermination of the DI.

I think Horace's back story will be in S6 and it will prove this correct! Hopefully...

What do you guys think?

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