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jacob and mib arnt from the same reality by Ric

if this has been said, my bad. dont playa hate. playa appreciate.

so im thinking theres 2 realities.

in 1 reality jacob is mmm lets say "guardian" of the island. why? i dont know dont care lets just say he was chosen by whoever.

in another reality mib is guardian of the island. in this reality jacob didnt get elected as guardian therefore mib did.

jacob's reality fails epicly. end of the world perhaps. who knows.
jacob doesnt want this but theres nothing he can do about it.

now he possibly knows about time travel and how to do it. i dont see why he wouldnt know about travelling to alternate realities.

so he travels back in time and into a new reality. the reality where mib is guardian of the island.

mib has no clue why jacob is on the island. as far as he knows, he didnt get elected to be on it. jacob explains he is from another reality and that in the future mankind is no longer.

he explains he came to this reality to warn mib about mankinds fate and tells him they need to change the course of events to prevent this from happening.

mib doesnt like it. he believes toying with humans is against the "rules" and that they shouldnt be controlled. they deserve free will.

jacob still believes he needs to change the events in time to prevent the end of the world. mib doesnt like it. but he cant stop it. jacob after all belongs to the same family or race or tribe or whatever and mib cannot kill another family member. its against their code.

so they battle out over many many years trying to stop one another. and now it all comes down to this. what we are watching.

please feel free to add to this or flame me for this silly idea.


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