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First off, this may not be an original thought. So, I apologize if I am repeating another's observations. However, I have not read this theory before. So, here goes: I think the major difference between Jacob and MIB/Smokey is centered on judgment. Jacob is very non-judgmental. He never says anyone or anything is good or bad. It is MIB/Smokey doing the judging—of mankind, of those who come to the island, of Ben.

Jacob appears to our Losties when they need healing and encouragement. He does that with Jack, Kate, Hurley, Locke, Sawyer Jin and Sun. He reminds me, in fact, of the unconditional love people speak of when they talk about God’s love, when they talk about The Light, about grace.

It is MIB/Smokey with an agenda. MIB tells Jacob how much he wants to kill him, and what is Jacob’s response. Jacob says pretty much: well, if you find a way to do that, you know where to find me. He doesn’t argue with MIB. Nor does he argue with Ben, who has come to murder him. All Jacob says is: you don’t have to do this. But it’s your choice, Ben. And, when he doesn’t tell Ben he’s a terrific guy for killing so many people in his name (Jacob’s name), isn’t that what you’d expect from someone who’s like Jesus? Would you expect Jesus to say: way to go? I think Jacob is telling Ben at that moment that he’s never been doing Jacob’s bidding. All those slips of paper? I don’t think Jacob wrote them.

Many fans believe Jacob, like MIB, has an agenda, that he pushes people’s buttons to make them do his bidding. But, I don’t see Jacob doing that. I see him letting things play out. And he knows, due to events repeating themselves in a time loop, perhaps, what is likely to happen. Things like: Nadia being hit by the car, Sawyer’s parents dying, Locke’s Dad trying to kill him, Jin and Sun falling in love and marrying, The Incident (whatever it is, whether it’s the Swan site exploding or Jacob’s being killed or…?)

MIB/Smokey remind me of the Old Testament God, an angry, vengeful God always testing people. He tests Job. He tells Abraham to kill his precious son, Isaac, just to prove his love for Him. He kills sinner by fire, plague, and floods. Talk about a nasty God! Reminds me of MIB. But Jacob reminds me of Jesus, who gave us the golden rule, spoke of turning the other cheek when an enemy smites you, and told us to take care of one another. Redemption will come to mankind not through Ben’s way…killing all your supposed enemies, but through encouraging people to do the right thing, as when Jacob said to Kate: you won’t steal anymore will you? Or when Jacob suggested to Hurley: maybe being contacted by your dead friends is a blessing? Jacob is always looking on the bright side. MIB is all doom and gloom.

It only ends once, Jacob said. And the game isn’t over. Not by a long shot on LOST. Love will redeem all of our Losties.

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