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Forgive me if you've heard this one already; I follow these boards and haven't seen it so I thought I'd post it.

In the scene in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" when Locke visits Walt outside his school, Walt tells Locke (pre-Flocke) "I've been having dreams about you. You were on the Island, wearing a suit, and there are people all around you. They wanted to hurt you, John."

Since we know that the MiB now looks like Locke, I think Walt's dream is of how the MiB will be defeated. God only knows what events will transpire to get to this point, but I think that we will see that scene in the finale - Flocke in the water, in a suit, surrounded by people who want to take him down. My guess is that its the "Shadow of the Statute" group since Walt didn't seem to recognize them in his dream.

Bottom line, I think that scene had a meaning and was a very smooth example of foreshadowing. Maybe the final season will involve the Losties trying to take away MiB's seeming immortality in order to defeat him.

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