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Aaron´s role by hansolo81

Hello losties!

Here is my theory:

Many, many, many of you said this before, but I think I know now, that Aaron is Jacob. Why?

Here´s why:

After Jughead exploded the losties are back on that plane to LAX and land safe and sound. Preggy Claire is on that plane, too. And remember, she still will be on her mission to find the "right" parents for her newborn in LA. Malkin, the fortune-teller gave Claire the adress of this couple. Who they are is still a mistery (maybe someone we know) but I think they will accept the baby. And finally give him the name Jacob.

The rest is wild guessing: Maybe Jacob grows up and sees a war in the future or even the end of the world. Maybe he travels back in time to fix everything.

But i think that Kate´s dream of Claire saying "Don´t you dare bring him back" makes more sense. Claire somehow knows that future Aaron has to be in th outside-world. Not on the island. Btw...Aaron skipping through timeflashes would be pretty dangerous. Nosebleeds and confusing timeskips are not the best surrounding for a little baby.

But here´s the million dollar question? Does Aaron in the "real timeline" still exist? And Ji-Yeon? Maybe Jin and Sun will never have a child in the alt-time.

Effing around with time is pretty confusing, but maybe you can help out by posting comments and thoughts...

Thank you, for reading, good luck and...


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