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Faraday and the Journal by Tony

So i have been doing the epic re-watch of the entire series of lost and stumbled across a few holes in the continuity in season 5. The questions i came up with led me to some theories about season 6 which aren't game-ending theories but interesting none-the-less.

Anyways, Daniel Faraday, his journal, and his return to the island (if you consider him in 1977 before when he arrives in 2004) is very intriguing when you follow his actions when the time flashes start. heres a list of my thoughts, MOST OF THEM OCCURING during the episode, "Jughead" (if you actually want to see what i'm talking about).

1. He is generally calm and collected about the time flashes, and knows exactly what is happening to Charlotte when her nose starts to bleed.

I understand this could be a result of his constant research at Oxford, but i still deemed it interesting and important to my point.

2. When he flashes back to the Late 40's early 50's, As soon as Elly sees Faraday she says, and I'm quoting, "You just couldn't stay away, could you?"

3. Once They get to the camp, Richard says to Faraday "My name is Richard Alpert. I assume you've come back for your bomb."

Both 2 and 3 are explained briefly by Daniels theory that 'they must think we are American soldiers', which i think is a load of bull, and he is covering up to his colleagues that he has been there before.

I thought of this theory because of the constant checking of his journal almost as if hes following a chain of events he has already written down, especially when he..

4. BANGS on the hatch door and tells Desmond to find his mother.

How else would he know to do this unless he has it all predetermined!! I think somehow, once Daniel joins the Dharma initiative and goes back to Ann Arbor, he buried or hid his journal somewhere so a young Faraday, not born yet, receives it before he come to the island in the 2000s. I also believe this is why he knows so much about time travel to begin with, and how he succeeded so well at Oxford with his experiments.

Of course this is paradoxical, quite like the Compass between Locke and Richard, but that's why i believe it is a possibility. Regardless, it seems throughout all of season 5, Faraday is always doing things according to a schedule through his journal, and how else would he know unless he was there in a previous life/time.

What do you all think? please comment!

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