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Hey Losties,

The theories I've read that some of you have are pretty interesting ! Esp. the one about Aaron being Jacob....never thought about that.
My theory is that these people did die, only don't realize it, and they are in a sorta Limbo/Pergatory place, having been given time to realize the things they really blew. It seems that many have some connection, haven't figured this out yet. By their realization of what actually they've really done wrong, they will have the opportunity to change time, at least the time of their own. By so doing, they can return and fix what they need to. Ben, I feel is a heartless second rate devil, only bent on his own selfish goals and rewards. He wants to manipulate those on the island so they become more confused, and don't realize what they must do to change things, and their lives. Notice how sinisterly he smiles each time someone does something wrong. I feel he of all must permanently remain on this "island" as he is beyong reproach. He only leaves ocasionally when their is a slight break in the time line, but must always return. The black smoke is devil oriented, the minds and d! ark souls of the forever dead in Hell. Jacob is, the Devil himself, or a projected persona of such.
I am very anxious to see the new series, and really wish it would not end !
And, yes, at least for the present, I think I am Human.

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