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Timeline has not changed by "The Situation"

I do not know if this has been posted yet so please feel free to shred this to pieces...

Remember when Miles stated something along the lines of "did anyone think that blowing up the bomb is what happened in the past so the best thing to do would be nothing"...I believe doing nothing would have changed the timelines

Farraday was always going to come back because he wanted to make his mother proud and his mother always knew he had to come back because she shot him. We can assume that the reason he always went back in time (whether or not the Losties were with him) was because he had the idea to blow up the bomb. I also believe the Losties were always with him because his sole reason for coming back to the island was because he saw the 1977 group photo with hurley, jack, and kate in it.

So everything that has occurred up to this point was always supposed to happen. Something in season 6, a decision by a variable (human), will have to happen differently for the timeline to change because so far WHH...

By the way cant fargin wait for Groundhogs Day!!! Enough speculating already

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