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Everyone on the Island has daddy issues. Many have been the cause of daddy issues in others. So why not Jacob and the Man in Black? If Ben and Widmore echo Jacob and the MIB, then I'm guessing there's another parallel---daughters.

I think Kate and Juliet are the daughters of Jacob and the Man in Black.

JULIET: In her flashback in The Incident, Juliet asked her parents "are we moving again?" Now why would the writers have stuck that in there? Were the Carlsons running from something? Someone, perhaps?

If the MIB is Smokey (as so many wonderful people have theorized), then it's interesting how, during the Kate/Juliet smackdown in the jungle, Smokey came running the second he/it heard Juliet scream.

The MIB was (presumably) imprisoned in the cabin. Juliet was imprisoned (by Ben) on the Island. The MIB brought Sun into the Others' camp. He could have killed her; he could have sent her back to the 316ers. But he 'took care' of her, perhaps because Sun's ultimate acceptance of Juliet played such a role in solidifying Juliet's position among the beach crew.

And then there's the Incident. Juliet fell down the hole, hit the bomb, and presumably died. What did we see with Ben/Widmore? "You killed my daughter, so now I'm going to kill yours." If the MIB had something to do with the pregnant women dying on the Island, maybe this is why: the MIB blames Jacob for allowing Juliet to die (by not touching her like the rest?). Thus, after the Incident, after Juliet's death, the MIB ensures that all of Jacob's 'children' will die before being born, as revenge for Juliet.

KATE: Kate said she knew Sam Austen wasn't her father because he was away at the time of her conception. She thought Wayne was her real father---maybe she was wrong? Maybe Jacob was her real father, and that's why the writers have subjected us to Kate-centered angst for so long?

What was the MIB's 'loophole,' that it took him over a century to accomplish? That Jacob thought he'd never find?

Kate's blood allowed Jacob to die. The MIB couldn't kill him and no ordinary person can kill a demigod. Only the leader could get in to see Jacob. So what happened? Sayid shot Ben and Kate gave Ben her blood. Ben then became the Leader. That was the loophole---if Kate is Jacob's daughter, her blood is his blood, and only someone who shares Jacob's blood can kill Jacob. Jacob knew that Ben was a threat to him as a result of what Kate did---that's why he never met Ben face to face.

Much is made of the fact that Kate is never imprisoned. Jacob notes that he has never been imprisoned.

Actually, there are plenty of 'hints' that Juliet could be Jacob's daughter and Kate, the MIB's daughter. Juliet/Jacob are blonds, Kate/MIB have dark hair. Kate's stepfather was named Sam, and "Samuel" was the name used in the casting side for the Man in Black. Juliet is a fertility doctor, Jacob lives in a statue of Tawaret, a goddess of fertility and childbirth. The MIB/Smokey has killed a bunch of people---Kate is a murderer. But we've had instances of one 'group' on the Island giving birth to a child with characteristics of the other 'group': for example, the Hostiles had Daniel, a physicist, and Dharma had Miles, who could speak to the dead. So it's very possible that Jacob had a daughter with characteristics of the MIB and vice versa.

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