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Jacob is the Bad Guy by Vessels of Mercy

I know this concept has been posted before, but I think my reasoning why is different.

I believe Jacob is the "Bad Guy" for the following reasons:

1.) Jacob doesn't walk the talk in "The Incident"

Jacob says he represents the "Free Will" part of humanity while the Man in Black (MIB) represents the "Predestination" (Destiny) aspect. However, Jacob hypocritically "touches" each of the eight (8) main characters; which we are safely assuming was a "touch of influence" or as he tells Jack, "sometimes it needs a little push". - That doesn't sound like free will. That sounds like someone using his power to create fate/destiny.

For instance, why did Jacob make those lists that Richard gave to Ben? The purpose of the lists was to capture those "Special People". For what reason? So the Smoke Monster (MIB) won't kill them in the interest of the island?

2.) The Smoke Monster it the Security System

It seems to protect those who are at the Temple for an unknown reason. However, we know it judges people and renders a verdict when it encounters a human being. If the assumption is correct and the MIB is the Smoke Monster, or they are on the same side, then it seems logical that the MIB and the Smoke Monster are looking out for the island. So when the MIB says they always do the same thing, fight, destroy ect. He is speaking from experience. The problem is Jacob. Jacob keeps bringing them back and they keep exploiting the island. All because Jacob wants to prove the MIB wrong.

3.) What if Jacob proves the MIB wrong?

So Jacob proves MIB wrong. So people can peacfully not corrupt, destroy and exploit the island. To what end? For what purpose? We can only speculate. However, it seems to me, revenge. It seems the MIB wants to just be and Jacob is trying to interrupt their lives.

4.) MIB wants to kill Jacob.

I would think that one whose primary interest is protecting the island would not stop at any costs to protect it. Even killing Jacob. Why? Jacob is a threat to the sanctity of the island and needs to be eliminated.

5.) Jacob will be waiting when the loophole is found.

This seems to me, like someone who knows his destiny (even though he is free will). He knows he will be killed when the loophole happens. Which leads me to believe Jacob planned/pre-determined his own death for the purpose of bringing people to the island.

All this (as is) doesn't really add up to me thinking Jacob is a "Good Guy". More of an antagonist. The only think I can think of, Jacob is stuck from doing something he wants and the only way he can be do what he wants - defeat the MIB.

So Jacob must have some alternative motive not shown (obviously).

What are your thoughts?

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