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Season 6: Ultimate Redemption by Brandon

I'm going to begin by stating that this is purely conjecture based on the overarching themes of redemption and the producers'/writers' appreciation for Star Wars.

The way I picture Locke's death and subsequent "resurrection" as UnLocke (MIB) is similar in theme to Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader. Anakin was an important figure to the Jedi and some believed him to be the "One" or special or something like that (sorry -- it's been quite a while since I've watched any of these movies.) But Anakin has a change of heart and loses his soul -- such as Locke has lost his soul through his death. What Anakin becomes is something completely different -- a monster. UnLocke is, quite literally (if you believe MIB and Smokie are the same entities) a monster.

"Daddy issues" have been a common theme in LOST. Jack is still struggling with the loss of his dad and the issues they had before his death. I believe Jack will redeem himself by the end of the series and Christian is the reason behind this.

I'm speculating that Christian on the island is a representation of some part of MIB. While I'm not completely sold on this idea, I'm running with this for the remainder of my theory.

MIB seems to have lost all faith in humanity and its progress. For five seasons, we can see how MIB can feel justified in this attitude. But I believe everything will change in Season 6.

At the end of the series I speculate that several things will happen. Jack will come to his senses and take on MIB/UnLocke. But, instead of defeating him in a life/death way, I believe MIB will ultimately be defeated by a change of heart -- just like at the end of Star Wars Ep. 6. In some manner, Jack will come around and see why the island must exist and that humanity must prevail (not saying he didn't feel this way about humanity before, but let's just move on for now.) Either through his own selfless sacrifice (as part of his "redemption"), Jack will show MIB the good in humanity. MIB will then change his/its mind and heart which will result in his/its ultimate demise (and maybe the resurrection of REAL Locke, yay!)

I think this fits nicely believing that on-island Christian may be a manifestation of MIB and that Jack is Christian's son. (Think Luke and Anakin.)

In the end, we may see Hurley waiving to ghost-Jacob and ghost-MIB in much the same way Luke Skywalker sees his father, Yoda, and Obi-Wan at the end of SW Ep. 6.

If someone else already thought of this then... well, hell.

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